Claudia Jeschke

Dancer, reconstructor, historian, professor of dance studies. Along with her studies of Theaterwissenschaft at Munich University and a doctoral dissertation on the history of dance notation systems she was professionally trained in various dance forms. Deeply interested in theater she started with choreographing and performing as well as acting and directing. Her academic respectively practical expertise allows her to revive dance history both ‚in actu‘ on stage and in academic writing – for example in restoring Vaclav Nijinsky’s „L’Après-midi d’un Faune“ (together with Ann Hutchinson Guest). As a guest professor she taught in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia, and she introduced dance studies as an academic discipline in German theater and dance departments such as Munich, Leipzig (where she finished her habilitation) and Cologne. 2004 she joined the faculty of the Department for Studies in the Arts, Music, and Dance at Salzburg University. Her body of publications focuses on dance historical and theoretical issues as well as on movement research and notation.Claudia Jeschke

In the years 2000-2006, Claudia Jeschke was a member of a group of researchers located at the University of Munich (Forschergruppe der DFG), working on “Die kulturelle Inszenierung von Fremdheit im langen 19. Jahrhundert”.